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Meet Heather Norton, owner of The Village Spa, a Petite Wellness Studio in Brandon, Vermont.

heather-village-spaFor as long as I have known Heather (actually a little over 8 years) she has always had another plan, an ongoing vision, we’ll call it! While Heather was a Social Worker with a special focus on young children and families she was a successful Mary Kay rep and all while she pursued her National Certification for Massage Therapy. A bend in the road for Heather came along with hurricane Irene. Residing in Brandon was a complete upheaval having no access to Route 7, the main road traveling north and south through the state. Many in town experienced water damage and some regrouped and reached deep within and said this is a message I need to react upon.  For Heather, at first, it was not being able to get to work and then it was the realization that there was no work to get to.  “This was life changing for me” Heather shared. (more)

Looking InnSide – 1824 House 1824sunrise-smJust days after Tropical Storm Irene damaged roads, homes and businesses all over Vermont; the phone rang at the 1824 House. A desperate couple, whose original venue had significant damage from the storm, inquired anxiously about availability for a 150 guest wedding… next weekend.  When the innkeepers shared the happy news that the inn had been spared by the storm and that they just happened to have that date available, tears of joy were shed. The staff at the 1824 House, and at sister company Occasions Catering, have more than twenty years of experience in the wedding industry. They guided the bride and groom through an abridged decision-making process; then arranged for a tent, rentals, linens and more. The menu was crafted to fit the couple’s varying tastes and included a rustic antipasto station for her, and grilled steak at the groom’s request.   (more)

Katie and Matt June 29, 2013katie matt home They met in Harvard Square during the winter of 2009. Shortly after, Matt won a snow board in a raffle. “Jimmy the snowboard has since become a fixture in our home,” Katie told us. Jimmy was front and center at the wedding so everyone could sign the snowboard to help celebrate and commemorate their beginning! The Proposal …in her words “Matt proposed to me exactly three years after the night we met. It caught me off guard, because it was a Monday night! I had been working with a client all day in busy season and I came home to roses and a delicious dinner and cupcakes he had made. He put the ring in a heart box that my little sisters had given me when I went off to college. The box had filled with their most special possessions so I could take them with me to college (they were 10 years old at the time). Matt wanted to add something from him to my heart box!”






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