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truckTop Picks – Meet Northstar Fireworks

In the beginning…dating back to 7th century China, they believed that fire could disperse evil spirits. Sparks were a good omen, noise could frighten ghosts, and smoke was thought to create a healthy atmosphere. The combination of these elements became embedded in Chinese culture to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The universal appeal is rooted in everyone’s consciousness today, that fireworks express happiness, bring good luck, pray for peace and invite celebration! Fireworks play an important role in a host of local, national and worldwide annual celebrations! (more)

Red_Clover_Inn-4569Looking InnSide – The Red Clover Inn
Vermont Destination Weddings – in All Seasons! The Red Clover Inn offers all the ingredients for your Vermont wedding: a country farmhouse just off the beaten path; fresh and stylish accommodations and reception rooms with scenic views; and some of the very best food and dining in Vermont.  Dedicated innkeepers and restaurant staff will help you plan and customize every aspect of your wedding weekend – from rooms for the family or bridal party, to a customized menu, to local DJ or band recommendations.                                                                                                                     (more)

Stepanie&Aaron-124Stephanie and Aaron December 22, 2013

Aaron and I both work for the same company, who was hosting a Chamber of Commerce After Hours Event at the Cumberland 12 Theater in Plattsburgh on January 19th, 2012. We had decided to stay after the close of the event to watch a movie-a “date night” if you will. ” The event was to begin at 5:30, and Aaron was there with plenty of time to spare. I, however, working in South Burlington in the dead of winter was running late. The roads were bad, work was hectic, and I wanted nothing to more to just go home and relax. My frustration level grew higher the more I drove, realizing how late I was in fact going to be for an event that we were hosting. The last thing I wanted to do was put on a fake smile for the night and work some more! About half way to my destination, I pulled over, and send a text message to my then boyfriend telling him I wasn’t going to make it to the theater that night. I would be over 45 minutes late and we could see a movie some other time.